A timelapse of Spannerfest 2013 from Tom Harrison on Vimeo.

This August weekend we do…

…look for ‘group photo’ just before 6pm.

See you next year!

A timelapse of Spannerfest 2013 from Tom Harrison on Vimeo.

This August weekend we do…

…look at for ‘group photo’ just before 6pm.

See you next year!

A Ballardian escape…documented. from Tom Harrison on Vimeo.

Agoraphobia: The Spaces Within turns the spaces of the Palatine Building at Blackpool and the Fylde College into a place of surprise.

Twelve artists and photographers are exhibiting in this three-part project, which creates a new way of experiencing the building. The works – from monochrome miniature models to the innuendo of red-lit portraits – are all subtle artistic interventions that lead the viewer around the common and not-so-common areas of the building.

The exhibition runs until June 3, alongside a blog, in which the artists lay bare their creative process in working towards the finished artwork.


On May 23, artists will be talking about how research informs their practice in a symposium, organised by the School of Creative Arts. There will be chances to discuss the exhibition and the artists’ working practices.

Taking part in Agoraphobia are Lynn Brown, Ann Carragher, Tracey Eastham, Sarah Eyre, Sian Gouldstone, Tom Harrison, Sam Henderson, Elizabeth Leeke, Eleanor Mulhearn, Rachel Tarlan, Aaron Tonks and Andrew Warstat.

Very, very quick C300 test. from Tom Harrison on Vimeo.

5 minutes of shooting with a 50mm lens, shot in Cinema Locked mode/C-Log with a LUT applied in Premiere Pro CS6, using LUT Buddy.

More to follow…

January #1: An abstract response to family. Spliced film, inked, textured, scratched, manipulated, analogue and digital, in response to audio capture.

If in a noisy environment, headphones might help with the immersion. Feel free to share.

8.33% done.

See you next month.

Watched this on Friday night…from the BFI, in a lovingly crafted Dual Format edition.

This trailer uses footage from a Quay Brothers short animation, not necessarily from the film.

Amazing work.

Audio done…experimentation done…approaches…

I’ve been assuring myself that the point of this project is to enforce creativity…the first attempt has done that this weekend, so I guess job done…though there is some element of doubt.

January #1 has a personal approach, and may be more relevant to family. I collected a large amount of audio that may form projects in their own right somewhere down the line, though not likely here. In terms of expression it’s allowed for abstract experimentation, analogue and digital manipulation, response to audio as a primary element…it’s also made my eyes sore.

See it here (hopefully), 31st January.

January #1 Update…

Recorded audio last night, which was always the intention, with any visual element intended to be in direct response to that. Abandonment of a certain idea, instigated by missing a favourite collaborator-in-chief (next time x), but more by the weather. Not only has the snow limited where I wanted to travel too, but also limited the contrast of certain images I wanted to capture. It’s a lovely day for cinematography but I feel collecting nice images today would be to disparate to the audio, without being truly abstract. So, as I’m looking to get this project off the ground with January #1, prove to myself, and you, that I can keep this up, I’m reverting to a different response. This is something I’ve been interested in for the past 9 months or so and requires an articulate, time-consuming, tactile approach. The abandonment of my ‘lines’ response with camera, will no doubt rear its head at some point.

Hint: I tried to bleach the first Super 8 I shot this morning, but bathroom bleach isn’t what it used to be. Tonight means whisky and drawing.


Putting ideas together tonight, I’ve got 11 possibilities, with a number of names too (I’ll be in touch). Some small, some big. Will need crew, but also want people to get in touch and contribute their own ideas.

If there’s something you want to get made, an inkling of an idea yet to be realised…feel free to share.